Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I choose to buy from this website rather than others?

We guarantee top quality products and offer free shipping which you cannot find in most other websites. We also have a 30-day refund policy and ensure you get all your money back in the rare case the product doesn't match your expectations or is defected in any kind of way.

How Can I get discounts for my purchases on this website?

We have most of our best-selling products on sale for a limited time only. We also have a sales section to view all of our discounted products. You can also subscribe to the website to gain access to our subscription features. If you subscribe you can get a 10% discount for your first purchase, and after purchasing the first product you can gain an additional one time 15% discount for your second purchase. 

How can I contact you for any questions I have?

Our contact information is listed on the contact section of the Header. You can contact us through email there or use the message system on the lower left hand of the page to speak with us directly. We usually respond within 1/2-3 hours.

Which social media platforms can I find you on? 

You can find us on Facebook at R&R Productions or R&R Products. You can find us on Instagram at rrproducts123. You can find us at TikTok at rrproducts123.