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5pcs Beautiful Silk Artificial Rose Flowers

5pcs Beautiful Silk Artificial Rose Flowers

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Beautiful Silk Artificial Rose Flowers that are pleasing to the eye. Can be put in homes, offices , weddings, and etc. Can come in various colors that fit your preferences. A perfect choice for people that looking to brighten up their rooms. 

         Sizes: Length can range from 50cm to 51 cm

         Width: Can range from 6cm to 8.5cm 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Gladys Wolff

Very beautiful, I'm very satisfied

Rosella Bayer

Very beautiful and I am very satisfied

Elenor Wintheiser

They're very beautiful. You just have to fix them a little while since they come in a little messy, but they're perfect.

Dexter Koch

Quite small heads, 1 of 5 was broken. Poorly packed, flowers were squashed, but colour nice.

Amy Johnston

5pcs Beautiful Silk Artificial Rose Flowers

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