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Beautiful Artificial Flowers

Beautiful Artificial Flowers

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Beautiful artificial flowers used to liven up the atmosphere which can be used in homes, offices, weddings, and so much more.

No need to put any of the extra effort in taking care of them like you would have to do with regular flowers. Fresh and decorative all year long. 

        Size: From top to bottom the length is approximately 28cm long

        Width: Each flower can vary in size between 5cm to 7cm 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Moises Waters

Very little garnished and the flowers stand out alone

Lisandro Schmeler

Too small and nothing to have with the photo

Demetrius Hodkiewicz

Beautiful Artificial Flowers

Clifford Cassin

Beautiful Artificial Flowers

Claudine King

They came in pretty crushed, but you're giving it shape with your fingers and they look good, I want them to cut and put them in the hair in a pickup for the fair and that's not so much to put in a vase because they don't look so good.

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