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ClawScape Comforter

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Is Smart Device: No

Toy Type: Balls/Scratcher

Material: Wood/Rubber

Pet Type: Cats/Small Dogs

Add On: 1 Ball

We understand how important your pets are to you. That is why we assure you there is no other toy that will engage your cat in the same way this one will. ClawScape Comforter combines fun, comfort, and health all in one to make the best experience for your cat.

This toy allows your cat an addictive game of chasing the ball, and a sturdy and itch-relieving material to scratch their back on all in one! On top of this, it is designed to be portable by being easily foldable. ClawScape will ensure a never-ending amount of fun, less scratched furniture, and happiness for your cat.

  • No Compromises In Quality
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Shipping For Life

Bored Cats?

It's no secret cats are picky about their toys and are prone to boredom.

This can lead to torn furniture, bed sheets, curtains, and more.

As cat lovers, we promise ClawScape is designed to ensure your cat's satisfaction and prevent torn furniture.

ClawScape Affects

Our Customers Love It!

200+ Happy Customers

Zaraya F.

"My cat loved this toy more than the other one I got for her, I love to see her so happy every time I give it to her. Every cat should have this privilege."

Kattie C.

"My little baby was confused at first, but when I wasn't looking he started chasing the ball around the toy and using it to scratch his back! This was definitely worth the purchase!"

Addictive Toy

Ball Chase Design

CalwScape comes with one ball, but you can buy as many as your little friend desires! The toy feautres a design in which the ball moves around as your cat tries to catch it, simulating how a cat would chase a mice.

2-In-1 Foldable Design

There are two different designs for your cat to enjoy, one with the ball on the inside, allowing for the cat to use it as a scratcher, and one of the ball on the outside for the cat to chase around.

Portable Design

This toy isn't only a 2-in-1, but it's also foldable to allow you to take it anywhere and everywhere for your whiskery friend to enjoy anytime!

A Peaceful Environment

No More Torn Furniture

Your cat will never be bored of this toy, whether they are chasing the ball or using it to scratch their back, this toy will allow for continuous fun and as a result, no torn furniture, sheets, or curtains.

Natural Effects

Some effects include satisfaction and relief of itchiness, good and playful moods, better mental health, and a great boost of energy.

Environment Friendly Material

The design is made from different woods and rubber to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

We ensure this is not like other toys, to simulate the cat chasing the mice scenario, we have a ball that moves around as your cat tries to catch it. This makes your cat more interested in this toy, and less prone to boredom.

This toy is extremely durable and will not break. When the cat does catch the ball, which is a rare occasion, the ball will not break easily either.

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