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*HydroSeal* Touchscreen Phone Cover

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Applicable Models: Mobile phones under 8 inches

Waterproof: Yes

Touch Screen: Yes

Color; B,W,Bl,P

Material: ABS PET

(BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF) Introducing the "HydroSeal" – where innovation meets convenience to transform your shower experience.

Step into a world where technology seamlessly blends with water-resistant protection. HydroSeal redefines your daily routine, allowing you to stay connected and entertained even in the steamy sanctuary of your shower. Designed with precision and built for versatility, this revolutionary touch screen phone cover ensures that your device remains safe and accessible while you indulge in relaxation.

Crafted from advanced waterproof materials, the HydroSeal TouchGuard forms a protective barrier around your smartphone, shielding it from moisture without compromising touch sensitivity. Its crystal-clear window offers a pristine view of your screen, enabling you to effortlessly navigate apps, playlists, and messages without the worry of water damage.

  • No Compromises In Quality
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Shipping For Life

Enjoy Warm Showers With Your Phone

Showers are nice but we can't always enjoy them because we have something to do on our phones.

Well now you can enjoy nice warm shower combined with accessibility to your phone, so you can watch your show or complete your work all while showering!

(Buy 1 get 1 of the same color for 50% Off), simply add 2 to your cart and you will receive one half off)

Our Customers Love It!

200+ Happy Customers

Zaraya F.

"Worked like a charm, didn't expect it to be set up so easily but it was. I can now watch Ellen Degenrous while in the shower."

Kattie C.

"Honestly was an easy setup and arrived fast, no complaints here. It fits my iPhone 11 nicely and I already used it a few times before taking this picture. It works just as described I recommend this seller."

Easy To Use

Water Proof + Touch Screen

This phone cover can stick to any wall and be used anytime, anywhere! It is a touch screen to ensure you can text, finish work, or even watch your favorite shows all while enjoying a nice warm shower.

Foldable Design

You can move the stand to be at an angle if you want to lie down and enjoy a show. With its extreme flexibility, You can move the phone to whichever angle you deem most comfortable for you.

Water Slide Off Screen

To make sure water droplets don't block you from being able to see your phone, the screen of this cover is made with water slide-off material. This way you can enjoy all the benefits of your phone while showering!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very rare for that to happen, and it might happen after years of use. If it does happen, simply wash off the base with water and soap and it should regain its stickiness.

Yes, we promise the design is completely waterproof. If you were to drop your phone while it was in the case, your phone will be fully protected as well.

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