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SolarBreeze Air Freshener

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Solar Powered: Yes

Material: Plastic + Alloy

Item Height: 65mm

Item Length: 65mm

Weight: 150g

Width: 65mm

Type: Air Freshener

Introducing the "SolarBreeze Air Freshener" – a refreshing breeze with a mesmerizing twist.

Powered by the sun, this ingenious device effortlessly spins in a gentle circle, infusing your space with revitalizing scents and a touch of visual intrigue.

Harnessing the energy of sunlight, the SolarBreeze Air Freshener creates a delightful dance of fragrance and motion. As it spins, it evenly distributes your chosen scents, transforming your environment into a haven of freshness and comfort.

Place the SolarBreeze Air Freshener on your desk, countertop, or any sunny spot to enjoy its calming effects. Whether working, relaxing, or unwinding, this unassuming device adds a touch of relaxation to your daily routine.

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Freshen The Air Without Using Any Electricity

As winter approaches, the air will not be as fresh as it was in the summer, but SolarBreeze can fix that without using an ounce of electricity.

Powered by the sun, SolarBreeze Emits the scents you pour into the bottom of it, or you can just use water for a fresh and clean breeze.

It's not only solar, not only a freshener, not only a scent maker, but it's also a decoration. It spins in mesmerizing circles almost as if it is floating.

ClawScape Affects

Our Customers Love It!

200+ Happy Customers

David L.

"This was so worth the one week wait, It came just as described and looks so beautiful when I turn it on, I used the cologne scent and it makes my car smell amazing!"

Ronald W.

"It freshens the air very quickly, matches everything as described, and arrived very quick;y. This as worth it."

Breathe Fresh

Freshen The Air

SolarBreeze freshens any air anywhere! With it's rotating middle, and it's compartment to hold liquids to turn into smoke, this small but strong freshener is perfect for your home or car!

Small Design

The freshener is designed to be hand-sized so you can have room for other items you need stores, but still have fresh air everywhere you go. Do not let its size fool you, it will freshen the air in minutes.

Different Mixed

We have a variety of mixes to pour into this freshener to freshen the air, though water will work just fine if you are looking to just clean your air and not add any scent.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend using it in smaller areas like your car, but even with a large room, it should take no longer than 30 minutes.

The liquid is used at minimum output, so the scent will remain strong and 1/4 a cup of liquid will last for a day.

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