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Winter Warm Waterproof Dog Jacket

Winter Warm Waterproof Dog Jacket

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Our new waterproof style dog jackets are perfect to keep your dog warm during the winter times. Just as you wear clothes and a jacket to stay warm, your doggo needs one too! We have a variety of colors and sizes to ensure you and your furry friend make the perfect selection.
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This model is waterproof to prevent spills and pee stains to stay on the coat.


Variety of designs to ensure you pick the right one for you 

Thick Coating

The Warm Jacket has 3 thick layers to keep your dog warm and cozy

Different Zippers 

 We have an option of a back zipper design or a back hook and loop design. Both will allow you to equip the coat onto your dog comfortably.

Material & Sizes

This chart depicts all the information you need to know before buying this coat for your dog.

Product functions

  • Keeps your dog warm in cold weathers
  • Waterproof
  • Prevents your dog from getting fleas
  •  Comfortable clothing 

Non Stick Material

The bottom of the coat is covered with nonstick lining to prevent dust molecules from sticking onto your dog's coat, and to prevent your little friend from having a hard time moving around.

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