Solar LED Water Pump

This solar bird bath fountain can effectively absorb sunlight and efficient operation. The built-in 1200 mAh battery ensures proper operation even on cloudy days or at night. Friendly to the environment, the bird bath fountain also attracts birds and provides fun for your garden.

This is a solar fountain pump with light that can store electricity in direct sunlight during the day. The stored electricity can make the solar bird bath fountain automatically spray water at night and light up for more than 4 hours. 6 LED lights will automatically light up at night and illuminate the whole fountain, a beautiful light show as a result.

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Bonsai Style Feng Shui Fountain

Decorate your home and add a nice touch with this beautiful and mind-calming fountain. The water in the fountain recycles itself and goes back to the top by using the wheel and slope, allowing for an infinite source and zero waste.

Along the top of the fountain is a magnificent bonsai tree resembling those from early summer in Japan! This can fit on your desktop to give you peace of mind while studying, working, gaming, or any other activity you do!

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EverFloating Bonsai Plant

Make your interior design statement with an EverFloating Bonsai Plant!

These handcrafted beauties come in a variety of colors and styles, perfect for adding an instant splash of nature to any room.

These beautiful artificial bonsai are made of high-quality materials that ensure they will last a long time, adding elegance to any room in your home

Incorporate one into your home decor as a focal point or place several around your indoor space to create an immersive experience.

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