Relieve Bottled Up Stress

Flowing Sand Art is perfect for those searching for piece of mind. The sand provides a unique type of stress relief therapy allowing for better circulation and easing of tension. Add it to your home or office as an art piece that can improve concentration, motivation, and overall well-being.

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A Mindful Meditation

Every time you flip this magnificent work of kinetic sand art, it flows in a fresh and distinctive way. This is the ideal tool to aid in improving your focus so that you can complete your tasks quickly and with much efficiency.

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Relief On The Horizon

Relax your mind and let the tranquil sounds of water flowing through the waterfall incense fountain help you to relax. The pleasing sound of rainfall, combined with relaxing scents like lavender and jasmine, is sure to soothe your senses while helping improve focus and concentration.

A must-have for any home or office setting, this beautiful fountain is perfect for anyone looking for an immersive meditation ritual

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Relaxation at its Finest!

This beautiful incense fountain features a sculpted water fall, refreshing mist output and calming sound effects to help you achieve peace of mind while enjoying your fragrances.

Hang it in front of mossy stones for a serene ambiance, place it near glass artpieces to invigorate them with fragrance, or use it as part of a unique meditation center.

Sit back, soak up some relaxation and enjoy nature’s tranquility around your home with this delightful product!

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Enjoy A Relaxed Body

Watch the bottled-up stress built from responsibilities including your long job, that last minute 20 page assignment, or just everything combined into one, flow out of your mind with our therapeutic instruments designed specifically to higher DHEA levels in your body.

DHEA is a horomone which improves your state of mind by making you feel calmer and look younger. When looking at The Flowing Sand Art or The Waterfall Incense Fountain you see a flowing animation, causing your mind to want to keep watching the instruments.

The cause of sitting down and watching these decorational and eye pleasing instruments, is a clearing in the mind and an abundance of DHEA into your body.

Any Doubts? No Worries, We Are Here For You

What Is Your Store About?

We are here to provide you with everything you need to relieve pent up stress and promote a healthy mental state using our unique products. Our store's purpose is to ensure our customer's piece of mind.

How Can Your Products Benefit My Mental State?

DHEA is a horomone that corrects your spirits by making you feel more serene and look more youthful. When examining The Flowing Sand Art or The Waterfall Incense Fountain, you visualize an abounding liveliness, precipitating your mind to maintain vigilance.

The effect of these decorational eye implements, is an expanse concerning the mind and a profusion of DHEA into your system.

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